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Hi, I’m Kamilla

I am a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, energy healer for the past 7 years, and a founder of VCC. 

I received my training and education at Evercoach by Mindvalley - Worlds Largest Academy For Coaches and Coach Training Alliance that is another leading, global coach training organization where I've received my coaching certification.

​I was fortunate enough to be able to live on four different continents. Being a natural empath, helped me understand the unspoken emotions among individuals and groups of many different cultures. 

My life has not always been amazing. Years ago it was in a state of abject misery. I was suffering from clinical depression, had chronic panic attacks that would completely wipe me out for the day. I could not leave my house, I couldn't do my job, I was constantly sick and doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. I played a game called "Make it to the next hour". That's how bad I was. If it wasn’t for my mother I would have been homeless for sure.

In a process of my personal healing, I came across coaching and became a living example of its power. When I regain my strength I decided to learn the techniques that changed my life in order to give it back to the community. 

​My mission is to introduce self-motivation, clarity, tools, and strategies that help to deal with financial issues, anxiety, loss of a loved one, problems with substance abuse, eating disorders, relationships and help to create a happier, healthier perspective which leads to a better mindset, job performance and life in general. 60min. sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis for as long as my client thinks they are needed. I usually work one-on-one and with groups of no more than 10 individuals. I know from experience that coaching may seem scary at first, it's why I invite anyone with a pulse and a problem to have a free conversation that may potentially change your life

​As EQ coach and energy healer, I have developed my own methodology where I combine these two areas to achieve a perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit, as you cannot properly function if one of those areas dominates above the other.

For example; If you are an athlete, have a great body and healthy diet, but suffer from depression with a very low energy level, you cannot lead a happy, healthy life nor can you reach sports results up to your potential. There has to be a balance. This type of coaching is called somatic. 

"Soma" is a word originating from Ancient Greek vocabulary meaning body. The somatic field means that your body becomes an individual sculpture of your energy, your mind, actions, attitude, and belief system. 

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