Course Recap

"5 P's Of Life" course has a life changing potential but only if you live up to the values that you have learned and take actions upon them. With the right intention and a deep thought, it will bring what we all seek - a Life full of doing the things that we love to do and giving you a plan to achieve it.  You should be able to conduct an internal dialog that will help you pursuing your lives purpose.


Passion is relatively easy to find compared to the other Ps. Think about what you love to do and what you almost would never get tired of doing day after day. 


This should be a 10 or 20 year Goal of yours. Most people have no idea what their Purpose of Life is initially. It is easiest to first find your North Star. It may not be something you actually reach, but it is something that gets you pointed in the right direction. It will actually help you not go South at least! After finding your North Star, then find your North Pole. Your North Pole will be very specific and it will take Passion, a Plan, Partners, and Persistence to reach it. After you created your initial great Purpose Statement, an even better Purpose Statement will have the following characteristics. You should have try many different Purpose Statements and see your initial reaction to it. Wait for the Purpose that really speaks to who you are.:

  • It will build upon what you are passionate about. This makes a Purpose easier to achieve after all - a Life Full of what you are passionate about is a life well lived
  • It will feel Unique to you. General Purposes will not be your true calling - make it as unique as you can to fit the real you.
  • It will have a specific time period - 10, 15, or 20 years.
  • It will be something that is specific enough that you can tell if you actually achieved your goal.
  • It should be as specific as possible so you can feel and visualize what it takes to succeed.


Partners are the people that will both benefit and also help contribute towards your Purpose in Life. Picture those people around you and people in the future that you may need to recruit other partners in the future that take you beyond where you are today. Make that part of your plan to recruit those people. Also you can call this person by a nickname “Super Mentor or Super Spouse” if you do not know their name at this time.


Plan just gives the specific Actions and specific Goals you will take to achieve your Purpose.The Goals each should be SMART Goals (Specific, Meaningful, Action Oriented, Realistic, and Timely)


This is the MOST important pages in the deck for helping you stay on track. There are many people with vague dreams of what they want to achieve in Life. You will have a specific Purpose and will be on a much better track in this sense. Even rarer is the person that has the persistence to see their Mission in Life fulfilled.