I have heard more than a few times in my life the advice to control my emotions, or "Girl!, use your Brian!" I've always thought, "Use my brain better? But how?" It doesn’t come with a manual. How to use our brain is not being thought at schools and neither is the superpower to control emotions. How can we make use of something and take control over things we don’t quite understand.

This 21 days course has been created for you to change that. You will discover who you really are, and understand why it is so hard for you to cope with certain emotions while others roll over you like water on the duck.

You will learn the structure and function of different parts of the brain and the flow of energy traveling through it. Energy is in constant movement. [ E-motion.] The fact that we have control over our emotions is nothing but an illusion. If you follow the strategies to accept your emotions as they come, you will find that you do not have to let your emotions control you!

"Overcome Your Biology" is a self progressive course with recorded content and you can complete each day at your own pace. Easy to use in the comfort of your own couch or while you are traveling on the Airplane.

Each lesson includes homework, with daily exercises as well as a fun surprise quiz. You can connect with other students through a Facebook group dedicated to this course only.There, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, expectations, and insights with other members of the group and perhaps create long-lasting friendships. I'm looking forward to watching your shift during this course.

If you are not sure if this course is for you, please take your time and try the lecture available for preview. Perhaps you will change your mind and decide to not let those emotions control YOUR LIFE any longer.

Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Kamilla. I am a certified Executive Emotional Intelligence Coach, an author, founder of VCC and a partner-teacher of "The 5 P's of Life" at NUCB in Tokyo, Japan

Coaching allowes me to achieve a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit, as you cannot properly function if one of those areas dominates above the other. VCC's online courses are an affordable way for people to experience the power of internal transformation.

There aren't schools that teach us how to use our brains or control our emotions, and yet everyone expects us to be a pro at that. Our brain doesn't come with a manual or the superpower to control emotions. Through my programs, I want to teach you skills which will allow you accept emotions as they come without taking control over YOUR life.

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Week One

Getting to know your emotions.

Week Two

Creating the transformation.

Week Three

Framing the masterpiece.

Michelle Birchfield

I usually don't post things I have been taking all of this in over the last few weeks. I have learned a lot about myself and my stress. I would thing it impossible for anyone to go through this course and not grow in someway, Thank you for putting this course together.