Day1: Getting Started

  1. Your focus on consistency and intensity is the key to your transformation. Success is driven by your motivation. Discover your "WHY". Know why you are taking this course and what would you like to achieve from it. Write a list of reasons why you decided to take this quest and what your expectations are.
  2. Join our Facebook Group here, and introduce yourself. If you'd like to record a video instead of just writing a post, go for it !!! I am very excited to meet you.
  3. Each class will have an attached PDF file for you to print and use it for your notes. Or create a folder to which you can have easy access when you need it.

Exercise for today

Reflect on your own emotions.

Take some time to sit down and reflect on your own use of emotions. For example, think about how you typically respond when:

  1. You read an email that implies you dropped the ball
  2. Your significant other blames you for something you feel is unfair
  3. Another driver cuts you off on the highway
  4. A close friend or associate begins to cry unexpectedly

By first identifying your own emotions and reactions, you become more mindful and start the process of building control.

Overcome Your Biology - Day 1.pdf