Day 3: Where do emotions come from?

Your primary senses enter the brain at the base near the spinal cord and must travel to the front of your brain before you can think rationally about your experience. But first, they travel through your limbic system - - the place where emotions are experienced. We need to establish effective communication between the rational and emotional centers of your brain in order to keep emotions from running your life.

Describe, how do you manage your emotions right now, and what would you like to change? If you have developed any formulas on your own, please share it with your group.

Exercise for today

Be observant. Armed with this newly acquired knowledge, you can now be more observant of your current emotions. Your self-reflection and what others have shared will help you to be more in tune with what you're feeling.

You can even write down your experience; doing so will help clarify your thinking and keep you in a "learning mode”.

Overcome Your Biology - Day 3.pdf